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About Us is an online knowledge hub brought to you by Mudaliar Coaching Classes, Gondia established in about 1990. We have been serving here in locality for 28 years and more than 10,000 students had been a part our journey making it remarkable. Thus the term ‘The Beacon Light’ signifies its purpose. It has been taking people into a journey from “What will I be?” to “Who will I be?” We have been significantly nurturing the English language skills imbibing confidence, proficient public speaking with personality development, cross cultural & moral life values. “We welcome ‘First Benchers’ but foster ‘The Last Benchers’.”


Our Post


BeaconFeed: A thread of feeds to enrich the lives of people with the beacon light & empower them with a hope & courage to know the true color of a life which is neither Black nor White but Grey. We invite young talents, the lost minds, the forgotten influencers to come & join us in your journey with their writings, articles, opinions, stories, news &many more.


TheSoulFiend: Some time a single line we read may be the Life changing lessons or the source of Inspiration for someone in which we feel this is only our story. It will have a bunch of tales, quotes, ideas, thoughts, short stories urging you to discover the real you. We welcome your thinking too.